Make an income, while making an impact.

Digital Marketing & Business Course

Learn how to leverage the power of digital marketing to create multiple streams of income online as a complete beginner!

Why Freedom Formula?

Includes everything you need to start a thriving digital marketing business in your spare time as a BEGINNER

(teaches step by step digital marketing, business growth, monthly residual revenue,

and creating your digital products from scratch)

An in-depth digital marketing course with multiple paths to generating income online, tailored to complete beginners.

You will be guided step-by-step through setting up all of your automated systems so that your business can run on autopilot.

Build passive monthly recurring revenue that never stops growing! We knew this was lacking in the industry and we had the knowledge to fill it, so we wanted to share it with YOU.

Lifelong access to continuous course updates and community support!

A highly in-demand digital product- THE COURSE ITSELF! Done for you, ready to be sold, and every penny goes to your pocket!

Learn how to build a business from scratch and scale online, no matter what niche! You will also learn step-by-step how to build your own digital products from SCRATCH.


One up-front price and the product, resell rights,

AND community access is yours.

Choose your path! Discover several ways to leverage a digital marketing business and create multiple streams of income online.

You will learn how to build passive monthly reccurring commissions, even on TOP of digital product sales!

Freedom Formula Is For You If...

You are drained from your 9-5 and looking for a way to generate life-giving passive income.

You are ready to go all in on yourself and create the life of your dreams.

You are a complete beginner, but you're looking to learn high-income skills that will give you a limitless income potential!

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the product?

This product is an extensive digital marketing course and DONE FOR YOU digital product! The course includes over 100 in-depth modules that will walk you through, as a beginner, starting your own digital marketing business. The course will teach you how to grow any business online, but I love the resell option because it levels the playing field for someone who is a complete beginner online and has no idea what to sell & this digital marketing course can be your first digital product!

How do I start profiting?

This is what Resell Rights means. When you purchase this product, not only will you benefit from the amazing digital marketing course, you will also be able to resell it and make all of the profit if you choose to. This means that anytime someone purchases this course from you, the sale goes directly to you, not to a third party. There are so many ways you can brand and offer this course to others. A few ideas is to help others go remote or you could market and sell it to business owners to help them scale their businesses!

What do I receive with my purchase?

Further down on this page you will see the modules included in this course. You will receive the course itself, a free community of like minded business owners of all experience levels ready to help, 1 zoom a week with our community, and access to myself if you have any questions.

Can I send customers to your community?

YES!! The community is for anyone who purchases this course! It also hosts weekly live Q&A's so that your customers have multiple layers of support.

Do I have to resell this course?

NO! It is yours if you choose to sell it, but the digital course in itself will teach you how to sell your own products and grow any business online no matter the niche! This course will teach you high income skills in order to learn how to make money online with whatever your passion is!

A little about me...

My name is Marie. I'm a copywriter, editor, author, and business owner. After encountering burnout in my career, I encountered digital and affiliate marketing. Inspired by how much it was changing my life, I wanted to share the power of this resource with others.

What's Inside The Freedom Formula...


Introduction to The Freedom Formula, what you will learn, and the why behind the creation of The Freedom Formula.

Magic Mindset

How to shape your mindset and set the foundation for success.

Money Mindset

Learn how to eliminate money blocks and limiting beliefs about money to open the door for new possibilities.

What Path Is Right For You?

This module explains the different paths you can take within The Freedom Formula. The course is broken up into 4 path options so you can leverage digital marketing in multiple ways.

Choose Your Path: Fast Pass

First Path: This path is for anyone that is interested in reselling The Freedom Formula Course and wants to streamline the setup process and get their systems ready exponentially faster.

Choose Your Path: Build Your Own

Second Path: This path is for anyone that is interested in reselling The Freedom Formula Course and wants to build out and customize their own sales process from scratch.

Choose Your Path: Scale A Current Business

Third Path: This path is for anyone that has a current business or a business idea that wants to learn how to leverage the right systems to launch and scale their own business

Choose Your Path: Digital Product Workshop

Fourth Path: This path is for ANYONE & EVERYONE. You can take this path if you are planning on reselling The Freedom Formula Course or if you have your own business. This path will teach you all about how to create your own digital products from scratch + launch and scale them.

Affiliate Residual Income

Become an affiliate for The Freedom Formula Software and earn monthly recurring commissions that are 100% passive and limitless.

Social Media Blueprint (With Face)

Learn from the ultimate social media blueprint. No matter what kind of products you are offering, you can learn to drive unlimited free traffic to them using the strategies of 2 creators that have cracked the code to going viral.

Social Media Blueprint (Faceless)

Learn how to be successful as a completely faceless digital marketer! Discover where to download aesthetic content, tips for creating your own, and Implement proven strategies to build trust and community with an audience as you grow a social media page from the ground up.

Next Level Automations

This module covers more automations you can add on to your business to help scale your business quicker.

Leveraging ChatGPT

Learn how to leverage Chat GPT to help you with your digital products, emails, content ideas, and more!

How To Stay Consistent

This module is all about how to stay consistent with your digital marketing business while you are working a 9-5 job or feel overwhelmed with your busy life!

Digital Product Content Vault

This module holds all of our digital products we are providing that you can also buy and resell.

Are We Missing Anything?

This is where we allow our Freedom Formula students to give us feedback and let us know if there is anything we are missing or if there is a topic they want to learn more about. Our goal is to serve you as best we can in your digital marketing journey!

If you have ANY questions at all please email me at:

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